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Program Overview 

What is PMA's Mastermind Program? 
A mastermind is a small group of highly motivated individuals who are committed to each other's growth and development.
Nonprofit leaders, especially as they move up in their organizations, are often isolated. A mastermind group overcomes isolation and leverages the power of many minds to provide support and feedback, increase accountability, and make real progress toward personal and professional goals.
PMA's Mastermind Program brings together groups of six to eight nonprofit leaders to accelerate their Path to Nonprofit Leadership. Our four-month virtual program (seven two-hour sessions) combines one-on-one coaching and peer mentorship to meet the needs of every individual in each cohort.

Why should I join?
Nonprofit leaders are often so focused on the needs of the organization that they do not have time for their own professional development. Our Mastermind program gives you the structure you need to think about your personal strategic plan to guide your leadership journey over the next one, three, and five years.

Our Mastermind program will give you: 
  • An expanded network of like-minded community peers 
  • Clarity, accountability and focus to move forward on your Path to Nonprofit Leadership 
  • Insights into your blind spots 
  • A confidential space to discuss challenges and problems with other nonprofit leaders 
  • The design of a Personal Planning Retreat 
  • An assessment of your 10 Essential Skills and Experiences for nonprofit leadership 
  • A Curated List of Resource Material designed to guide your professional development curriculum 

In addition, you will receive a Mastermind Leadership Development Certificate, along with specific language to include on your LinkedIn/resume, which will help you stand out amongst the competition for future leadership positions.



Who is the ideal participant?

PMA's Mastermind Program is designed for nonprofit leaders with at least five years of experience who are serious about advancing their skills in the nonprofit sector and propelling their leadership to the next level.

Is this program only for fundraisers?

Absolutely not. While we are fortunate to work with many talented individuals in development roles in our consulting work and in the Mastermind program, nonprofit leaders in any role are welcome. We are proud of the fact that leaders with titles such as Director of Human Resources, Director of Marketing and Communications, and Family Services Manager have thrived in the program.

How many people are in each Mastermind cohort?

Each cohort is composed of six to eight talented nonprofit leaders. This small group size ensures that each participant receives adequate individual coaching, while also expanding their network and benefiting from the accountability and feedback from the other participants.

Do I have to live in Charlotte to participate?

No! Since our program is virtual, we have leaders from across the country join us each season.

What are the program dates for 2023?

In 2023, we will have spring, summer, and fall seasons with two cohorts each. For each cohort, there will be seven, two-hour virtual sessions that take place over four months. See below for tentative dates for the 2023 Summer Season - all sessions will take place on Thursdays at 2pm EST.


Summer 2023 Diamond Group

  • Session 1: Thursday, May 18th 
  • Session 2: Thursday, June 1st
  • Session 3: Thursday, June 15th 
  • Session 4: Thursday, June 29th 
  • Session 5: Thursday, July 13th 
  • Session 6: Thursday, July 27th 
  • Session 7: Thursday, August 10th 

Summer 2023 Gold Group

  • Session 1: Thursday, May 25th 
  • Session 2: Thursday, June 8th
  • Session 3: Thursday, June 22nd 
  • Session 4: Thursday, July 6th 
  • Session 5: Thursday, July 20th 
  • Session 6: Thursday, August 3rd 
  • Session 7: Thursday, August 17th 


Fall 2023 Diamond Group

  • Session 1: Thursday, September 21st 
  • Session 2: Thursday, October 5th
  • Session 3: Thursday, October 19th 
  • Session 4: Thursday, November 2nd 
  • Session 5: Thursday, November 16th 
  • Session 6: Thursday, November 30th 
  • Session 7: Thursday, December 14th 

Fall 2023 Gold Group

  • Session 1: Thursday, September 28th 
  • Session 2: Thursday, October 12th
  • Session 3: Thursday, October 26th 
  • Session 4: Thursday, November 9th 
  • Session 5: Thursday, November 17th 
  • Session 6: Thursday, December 1st 
  • Session 7: Thursday, December 15th 


Who has participated in PMA's Mastermind Program?

PMA's Mastermind Community now includes ten cohorts of motivated, diverse, and dedicated nonprofit leaders who have embraced the program since it began in the Fall of 2020. These 80+ individuals have embraced the Mastermind concept, utilized the virtual access to the program, and continue to build their networking relationships with colleagues from across the country.

Below are the links to the webpages for each cohort. We invite you to click through them and see our impressive graduates!


Spring 2023 Diamond Group
Spring 2023 Gold Group
Fall 2022 Diamond Group
Fall 2022 Gold Group

Summer 2022 Group
Spring 2022 Diamond Group
Spring 2022 Gold Group
Fall 2021 Diamond Group
Fall 2021 Gold Group
Summer 2021
Spring 2021
Fall 2020 (Inaugural Cohort)

What do past graduates say about their experiences?

Here are a few testimonials we've gathered from past graduates of the program: 

"If you are interested in evaluating your career, where you want to go, and the skills you need to make a change at your current/new organization, this program would serve you quite well."

"I discovered an incredible community of peers that I can lean on for guidance and encouragement as we support each other on our journeys as nonprofit leaders."

"The Mastermind Program gave me structured time to invest in myself and think specifically about my own career and my own professional development trajectory."  

Want to hear from some of the participants themselves? Click on the video links below to understand how Lisa, Alec, Kristin, and Patrick approached their Mastermind experience.

Application & Cost

What's required to apply?

The application is an online form that will take you fewer than 10 minutes to complete. It will ask you about your current role, why you're interested in the Mastermind Program, and which cohort you're interested in joining. There is no payment required to apply.

PMA is committed to having a diverse and dynamic membership for our Mastermind Program. We seek to have representation from a cross section of the nonprofit community including different sectors, ethnic/minority groups, and gender identities. 

How much does the program cost?

Registration for PMA's Mastermind Program is $1250, which covers all costs for the seven two-hour small group coaching sessions, program materials, and support by email/phone as needed. 
For those individuals interested in receiving one-on-one coaching in addition to the cohort activities, a
Premium Registration option is available for $1550. The premium registration comes with three additional one-hour coaching sessions with Patton to be used at your discretion. For example, you could use an additional coaching session during the Mastermind Program to receive more targeted coaching on a particular topic, or perhaps later when a leadership opportunity comes available, and you'd like to get coaching to prep for the interview. 


Are there financial aid and/or scholarships available?

We expect many employers will underwrite the cost because of the value for their employees and ultimately their organization. However, partial scholarships are available and will be awarded, on a discretionary basis, based on need (these individual conversations will take place after a cohort has been selected for each program). In the event a scholarship is not available, we are willing to work out payment plans with participants on a case-by-case basis.

How do I apply?
We are excited that you are ready to accelerate your journey on Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership by participating in PMA's Mastermind Program. Here are the application deadlines for our Summer and Fall programs:

Deadline to apply for Summer 2023: April 30th 

The application is an online form (via SurveyMonkey) that will take you fewer than 10 minutes to complete.

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Participants in our Mastermind Program 
join seven virtual sessions that combine the advantages of
one-on-one coaching with the accountability of a small group
of motivated peers.

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