Nonprofit Success in an Age of Disruption (Dave Lenox) January 2022

Many nonprofits experience periods of volatility as a result of leadership turnover. Covid has accelerated some nonprofit leaders to leave an organization after many years of service. In episode #141 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Dave Lenox, a former nonprofit executive director and current managing partner at The Valtas Group, explains the numerous resources available to organizations during these transitions. He and Patton discuss how a firm like Valtas provides guidance and stability during ... [..] read more

A Nonprofit Leader’s Guide to Boosting Board Engagement (Lea Williams)   January 2022

The best nonprofit leaders create and maintain strategic partnerships between themselves, their staff, and their board. If you are looking to take your board to the next level, check out episode #140 of the Path Podcast where Dr. Lea Williams and I discuss five tactics for creating and sustaining a dynamic board of directors. Building off our work together with multiple boards, our conversations with our Mastermind participants, and Lea's background as a meetings ... [..] read more

What Are the Best Practices of a Nonprofit Leader? (Katie O’Malley) January 2022

Have you found true passion along your career journey? Many in the nonprofit sector struggle to maintain their connection to the mission as they accomplish their daily work. With more than 15 years in the sector, Katie O'Malley experienced this dilemma first-hand before translating this struggle into action and sharing her wisdom through Encourage Coaching. In episode #139 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Katie discusses the value of self-reflection to recognize ... [..] read more

Register for the 20th Annual IABC Charlotte ‘Profitable Communication for Nonprofits’ Workshop January 2022

As you prepare your nonprofit for success in 2022, you'll want to register now for the 20th Annual IABC Charlotte 'Profitable Communication for Nonprofits' Workshop on Thursday morning, January 20th, 2022. Inspiring keynotes and round table discussions will help you prepare, plan, and achieve greater success in our ever-changing world for nonprofit organizations. Free for employees of nonprofit organizations, but space is limited! Click here to register.

This event was created to offer pro bono professional development to communicators who work in nonprofit organizations across our communities. The half-day workshop is provided at no cost to employees of 501(c)(3) organizations, and the workshop is open to all others for a very modest ticket price of $45, which is discounted compared to past years. The morning keynote will be nationally known nonprofit leadership expert, Dr. Patton McDowell, and the luncheon keynote is the highly regarded strategic consultant ... [..] read more

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