Assuring Cross-Sector Collaboration as A Nonprofit Leader (Kate Markin Coleman) May 2022

Are you creating unnecessary barriers for employment at your nonprofit? Kate Markin Coleman suggests you're narrowing your talent pool by relying too heavily on a college degree as a proxy for qualification. In episode #157 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, she discusses how to construct a more equitable and effective workforce development system. Learn what it means to conduct a deep skills analysis to better identify needs and think more broadly about who ... [..] read more

Zach Perry Joins PMA as Graduate Student Intern May 2022

Zach PerryNC State University Graduate Student Intern
PMA is delighted to welcome Zach Perry, a talented emerging leader in the nonprofit sector, to the team as a Graduate Student Intern. "I'm excited to build a partnership with the excellent Master of Public Administration program at NC State University," noted PMA President Patton McDowell, "and look forward to Zach's contributions to all of our content development, leadership programs and consulting services."Zach joined the PMA ... [..] read more

Everything You Believe About Small Nonprofit Fundraising is Wrong (Zoot Velasco) May 2022

Is your small nonprofit still trying to raise money through special events? Modeling your fundraising plan on what large nonprofits are doing is among several critical mistakes Zoot Velasco will help you avoid. In episode #156 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, he tells us why those special events, big galas, grant writing and even courting major donors are not the most important things on which nonprofit leaders of smaller organizations should be focused. Zoot ... [..] read more

What Are the Five Keys to Nonprofit Excellence? May 2022

Regardless if you are an established multimillion-dollar organization or a small nonprofit just starting out, PMA believes there are Five Keys on which the best nonprofit organizations focus. While the issues within the framework will be unique to each organization, the core concepts remain the same. Achieving excellence requires a commitment to honestly evaluating your organization and a willingness to make changes when needed. If you're ready to take your nonprofit to the ... [..] read more

Patton McDowell Featured on The Nonprofit MBA Podcast  May 2022

PMA Founder Patton McDowell joined Stephen Halasnik on his Nonprofit MBA Podcast to discuss key ingredients of nonprofit leadership. Halasnik leads Financing Solutions, a leading provider of loans for nonprofits in the form of a nonprofit line of credit. Effective leadership is critical to the successful operation of every organization, and nonprofit leaders should acquire the requisite skills that will help make a huge impact in their organizations.

For an Executive Summary or to Listen ... [..] read more

Relationship Building: The Key to Nonprofit Leadership (Siobhan Davenport) April 2022

Are you advancing your skills to be the kind of strong leader the nonprofit sector needs? In episode #155 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we talk with Siobhan Davenport, a phenomenal industry leader with more than fifteen years of experience serving underserved youth and someone who understands the advantages of these skills. Discover the benefits of developing a personal board of directors and how this foundational network of advisors can support you through the ... [..] read more

Nonprofit & For-Profit: Creating a Successful Partnership (Shiloh Karshima) April 2022

Do you communicate a clear message that properly represents the voice of those you serve? In episode #154 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Shiloh Karshima highlights some of the challenges nonprofit leaders face in trying to make their case more clearly and in an authentic way. She is a gifted leader with more than two decades experience building philanthropic partnerships in over 14 countries. Shiloh explains how communication and harmonization are the keys to ... [..] read more

Why Diversification is Vital to Your Fundraising Plan (Holly Rustick) April 2022

Is your nonprofit organization writing competitive grants that grow your funding capacity? In episode #153 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership we speak with Holly Rustick, a grant writing expert with over 15 years of winning more than $30 million in grant funding, on how nonprofit leaders can enhance their grant writing skills and increase funding to advance their organization's mission. Holly shares practical takeaways and processes to increase and diversify funding for better ... [..] read more

Building A Pipeline for Emerging Nonprofit Leaders (Nick Azulay) April 2022

Does your organization attract the next generation of dynamic nonprofit leaders? In episode #152 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we talk with Nick Azulay, a Fulbright Scholar, who struggled to convert his education and desire for a meaningful career with the practical skills needed to land a job in the nonprofit sector. Nick divulges specific tools he used to navigate his path into the nonprofit sector and ultimately a leadership position. By strengthening your ... [..] read more

Engaging Volunteers to Make Your Nonprofit Vision A Reality (Diana Zhang) March 2022

Do you consider your nonprofit leadership a calling? Perhaps you saw individuals on the precipice during the pandemic, and simply had to do something. Like other talented professionals who have joined our ranks as a "lateral entry", Diana Zhang recognized this crisis as a call to action and left her successful 15-year hedge fund career to co-found the nonprofit organization called NeighborShare. In episode #151 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we discuss ... [..] read more

PMA's Katelynn Bruno Joins Matthews Free Medical Clinic March 2022

After shining as PMA's Graduate Student Intern since 2021, we are proud to announce that Katelynn Bruno has accepted a job as Development Director for the Matthews Free Medical Clinic in Matthews, NC. "We are so grateful for Katelynn's many contributions to the PMA organization, and are excited about what she will bring to the Matthews Free Medical Clinic," said PMA's President Patton McDowell . "They've gained a hardworking and meticulous colleague... [..] read more

Developing the Right Mindset to be an Effective Fundraiser (Rhea Wong) March 2022

Do you struggle with fundraising? Have you truly reflected why? In honor of our 150th episode of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we discuss what it takes to overcome your struggles and maximize your fundraising with a leading expert, Rhea Wong. If your fundraising isn't a strategy as much as it's a mix of tactics and tools cobbled together, then listen as Rhea introduces her unique and innovative program called The Fundraising Accelerator. ... [..] read more

Navigating Data for Nonprofit Leaders (Stu Manewith) March 2022

Is your organization overwhelmed by data? Do you have fresh, error free, current and comprehensive data in one easy to access system or has confidence in your communications faltered because you recently noticed something simple like a donor's name misspelled? Today's guest, Stu Manewith discusses why nonprofit leaders should be paying more attention to their data. In episode #149 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Stu defines his 5 Keys to Data Quality ... [..] read more

How to Navigate Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership March 2022

How can Patton's new book, Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership: Seven Keys to Advancing Your Career in the Philanthropic Sector, help you on your journey to senior leadership? In episode #148 of the Path Podcast, guest host Ken Fuquay explores that exact question by turning the tables on Patton and asking why everyone in - or pondering - nonprofit leadership will benefit from this book. Patton shares some of his past experiences, what motivated him to ... [..] read more

Creating A People First Environment at Your Nonprofit (Stamie Despo & Tom LaFalce) March 2022

What are you doing to create a people first environment at your nonprofit? More than ever, nonprofit leaders must create a culture that attracts, orients, develops and retains talent. Two leaders in the higher education sector who have traveled varying career paths now find themselves leading together. In episode #147 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Stamie Despo and Tom LaFalce delineate four aspects of creating a people first environment. They discuss how communicating your ... [..] read more

5 Key Productivity Moves for Nonprofit Leaders (Mike St. Pierre) February 2022

Has navigating the shifts in remote work only exacerbated gaps in your productivity? Or, maybe it didn't take a global pandemic to realize staying organized in the nonprofit sector can exhaust even the most dedicated leaders. This fatigue and sense of exhaustion is real. However, in episode #146 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership , we have the founder of Nonprofit Productive , Mike St. Pierre , to equip you with smart and simple strategies to maximize ... [..] read more

Charlotte Bilingual Preschool Seeks Chief Advancement Officer February 2022

If you are ready to make a lasting difference in a child's life, if building community awareness and long-term relationships is a priority for you, and if your career goals include helping an organization achieve dramatic growth before 2030, then Charlotte Bilingual Preschool ("CltBP") invites you to join its leadership team. CltBP is searching for an organized, innovative, results-oriented, donor-focused professional to step into the role of Chief Advancement Officer.... [..] read more

Tackling Toxic Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector (Andrew Olsen) February 2022

Does your nonprofit organization exhibit symptoms of toxic leadership? Feelings of isolation among staff could be misinterpreted as stresses related to recent life changing events such as Covid however, so nonprofit leaders must be more cognizant of underlying conditions which may be fostering a toxic environment within an organization. In episode #145 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership Patton and Andrew Olsen discuss recent events and how they have changed the way people, especially young ... [..] read more

Apply Now to Join Leadership Gift School’s 10th Cohort February 2022

Leadership Gift School brings together a cohort of nonprofit CEOs and development directors who work together to build their organization's capacity for leadership giving. The program includes five 5-hour sessions, including two that include members of each nonprofit's board. Over the course of nine cohorts, LGS has developed a unique experience to build highly trained teams who can effectively advance the way fundraising is implemented. As a member of this peer learning ... [..] read more

Hope Restorations Seeks New Associate Director of Development February 2022

Hope Restorations is a dynamic and growing nonprofit in Kinston, NC, that helps rehabilitate individuals recovering from addiction and incarceration by providing them with paid employment, professional training, and other support services that help them get back on their feet. PMA is proud to support their efforts to find a talented manager and fundraiser to join the Leadership Team. The Associate Director of Development will be responsible for identifying, cultivating, and seeking investment from new ... [..] read more

Creating a Dynamic Culture at Your Nonprofit Organization (Curt Langford) February 2022

Nonprofit leaders are always looking for better engagement with their key constituents and long-term donors. In episode #144 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we look to Texas Tech Alumni Association's President and CEO Curt Langford for valuable advice on building a dynamic culture, the power behind communicating your story effectively, and developing a strong connective network of long-term donors. A positive organizational culture is first established internally with a shift from ... [..] read more

Patton's New Book Coming March 8, 2022! February 2022

We are excited to share Patton's book Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership with our PMA community, as there is such a need for skilled leadership in our increasingly complex (and quickly expanding) sector. Get ready for a practical guide that helps anyone in - or pondering - nonprofit leadership define their goals as well as give them a clear path to achieve their goals. This is not about theories of leadership; it's about worksheets, exercises ... [..] read more

PMA Celebrates Cindy Clark's Nonprofit Leadership February 2022

After a stellar consulting career with PMA since 2014, Cindy Clark has decided to begin enjoying a well-deserved retirement. "While we had the benefit of Cindy's talents for seven years, her impact on this region's nonprofit community spans four decades," noted PMA President Patton McDowell. "She cared deeply about each and every organization she helped, and about the individuals she coached and trained. Her legacy will continue at dozens of nonprofit organizations." ... [..] read more

Nonprofit Leaders Join Spring Mastermind Diamond Group February 2022

PMA Nonprofit Leadership was delighted to welcome another talented group of nonprofit leaders to our Spring Cohort of the Mastermind Program. Now in its fifth season, the program has expanded into two groups this Spring, including the "Diamond Group" pictured above, and the "Gold Group" featured previously. "I could not be happier with the national perspective these groups bring to the program, as well as their genuine desire to help each other get better in ... [..] read more

Elevating Your Grants Program as a Nonprofit Leader (Autumn Keck) February 2022

Is your overall fundraising plan built on a solid foundation of a comprehensive grant writing program? If not, can you identify the vital readiness steps necessary to best prepare your organization for success? In episode #143 of the Path Podcast, Autumn Keck, a fundraising expert with over two decades of experience in grant writing and major gifts solicitation, addresses these questions and more. She explains how best to present the strength of an organization and ... [..] read more

Nonprofit Leaders Join Spring Mastermind Gold Group February 2022

PMA Nonprofit Leadership is delighted to welcome another talented group of nonprofit leaders to our Spring Cohort of the Mastermind Program. Now in its fifth season, the program has expanded into two groups this Fall, including the "Gold Group" pictured above, and the "Diamond Group," which begins this week. "I could not be happier given the national perspective this group brings to the program, as well as their genuine desire to help each other get ... [..] read more

Top Nonprofit Podcasts You Can’t Miss in 2022 January 2022

Just the stats please!

78% (222 million) of Americans were familiar with the podcast format in 2021, up 3% from 2020, and more than one-third (104 million) of Americans listen to podcasts regularly. 41% (116 million) listened to a podcast in the average month, and 28% (80 million) are weekly podcast listeners. Despite Covid, and in part because of it, podcasting experienced unprecedented growth as podcast audiences diversified.

So, who are all these listening ... [..] read more

Understanding the Impact of Identity for Nonprofit Leaders (Nneka Allen) January 2022

We are all responsible for the environments we create. And they should all be equitable. Nonprofit leaders clearly understand the impact of identity on an organizational culture and equity outcomes. In episode #142 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Nneka Allen, a descendant of the Underground Railroad, shares her remarkable story which began years ago with her freedom-seeking ancestors and ultimately set her on the path of community movements, social change and a desire ... [..] read more

Nonprofit Success in an Age of Disruption (Dave Lenox) January 2022

Many nonprofits experience periods of volatility as a result of leadership turnover. Covid has accelerated some nonprofit leaders to leave an organization after many years of service. In episode #141 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Dave Lenox, a former nonprofit executive director and current managing partner at The Valtas Group, explains the numerous resources available to organizations during these transitions. He and Patton discuss how a firm like Valtas provides guidance and stability during ... [..] read more

A Nonprofit Leader’s Guide to Boosting Board Engagement (Lea Williams)   January 2022

The best nonprofit leaders create and maintain strategic partnerships between themselves, their staff, and their board. If you are looking to take your board to the next level, check out episode #140 of the Path Podcast where Dr. Lea Williams and I discuss five tactics for creating and sustaining a dynamic board of directors. Building off our work together with multiple boards, our conversations with our Mastermind participants, and Lea's background as a meetings ... [..] read more

What Are the Best Practices of a Nonprofit Leader? (Katie O’Malley) January 2022

Have you found true passion along your career journey? Many in the nonprofit sector struggle to maintain their connection to the mission as they accomplish their daily work. With more than 15 years in the sector, Katie O'Malley experienced this dilemma first-hand before translating this struggle into action and sharing her wisdom through Encourage Coaching. In episode #139 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Katie discusses the value of self-reflection to recognize ... [..] read more

Register for the 20th Annual IABC Charlotte ‘Profitable Communication for Nonprofits’ Workshop January 2022

As you prepare your nonprofit for success in 2022, you'll want to register now for the 20th Annual IABC Charlotte 'Profitable Communication for Nonprofits' Workshop on Thursday morning, January 20th, 2022. Inspiring keynotes and round table discussions will help you prepare, plan, and achieve greater success in our ever-changing world for nonprofit organizations. Free for employees of nonprofit organizations, but space is limited! Click here to register.

This event was created to offer pro bono professional development to communicators who work in nonprofit organizations across our communities. The half-day workshop is provided at no cost to employees of 501(c)(3) organizations, and the workshop is open to all others for a very modest ticket price of $45, which is discounted compared to past years. The morning keynote will be nationally known nonprofit leadership expert, Dr. Patton McDowell, and the luncheon keynote is the highly regarded strategic consultant ... [..] read more

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