3 Keys to Maximizing Your Nonprofit Leadership Opportunities (Justin Dionne) February 2020

Justin Dionne knew he had a great opportunity on his hands when he arrived at the Cain Center for the Arts. As a relatively new executive director, he also knew he needed to maximize all of his productivity and professional development resources to get this new organization off the ground as well as navigate its very aspirational campaign of $25 million to build a new performing arts center. Justin and I had a great conversation ... [..] read more

A Dozen Resources for the Nonprofit Professional (Leighton Fogan) February 2020

Leighton Fogan has not only enjoyed a successful career in the nonprofit sector, but she's also a dedicated student of professional development resources! Her career path includes hands-on experience at several nonprofits, many successful consulting engagements, and coursework through Columbia University and Duke's Nonprofit Management program. Episode #20 of The Path features our conversation on three categories of career-enhancing resources, and is a gold mine for current and aspiring nonprofit leaders. ... [..] read more

Hiring Talent and Sharpening Your Nonprofit Leadership Skills (Tiffany Capers) February 2020

Tiffany Capers did not plan to go into nonprofit leadership, and in fact, she thought her graduate degree would take her into a corporate environment. But after opportunities in government and in a community foundation, she found a calling that led to leadership in our sector. She now serves as the Executive Director of the CrossRoads Corporation, which creatively partners with the residents of the Grier Heights neighborhood in Charlotte and numerous other stakeholders to ... [..] read more

How Do You Blend For-Profit and Nonprofit Leadership Lessons? (Will Jones) February 2020

Like many in the nonprofit sector, Will Jones gained leadership experience from other arenas, including the social service and for-profit sectors. He now serves as the President and CEO of Thompson, a leading provider of clinical and prevention services for children and families across the Carolinas. In Episode 18 of The Path Podcast, Will and I dive into many topics related to the blend of best practices he's gained from his experience, and ... [..] read more

How Do You Move from Manager to Senior Leader at Your Nonprofit? (Katherine Lambert) January 2020

Katherine Lambert is passionate about professional development in the nonprofit sector and is a champion for internal candidates who can serve as senior leaders. Her advice provides great insight for other senior leaders who want to better develop their talent, but also provides many clues for those pursuing a new job in the charitable sector. On episode 17 of the Path Podcast, Katherine talks about how she allocates professional development funds in her organization, and ... [..] read more

7 Nonprofit Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2020 January 2020

Podcasts provide a great source of professional development content and are delivered in the perfect format to consume knowledge on the go. Curating effective podcast resources will help you on your path to nonprofit leadership, and quite possibly position you for your next nonprofit job!

While the rise of the podcast is a professional development opportunity for you, it's also a medium that your nonprofit will likely explore just as Don Jonas, the Executive ... [..] read more

IPL Welcomes Cohort 8 of Leadership Gift School January 2020

The Institute of Philanthropic Leadership welcomed nine nonprofits to its 8th Cohort of Leadership Gift School beginning this Spring, hosted by the Foundation For The Carolinas. These outstanding organizations join 165 nonprofit leaders from 76 nonprofits that have graduated from this highly acclaimed program.
Anuvia. Valerie Kopetzky, CEO; Abigail Lord-Ramsey, Director of Fund Development

Arts & Science Council. Jeep Bryant, President & CEO; Robert Touchstone, Director of Development

Augustine Literacy Project. Alison Houser, Executive ... [..] read more

4 Writing Practices for Nonprofit Success (Clay Hodges) January 2020

The concept of writing might not be an activity that brings back pleasant memories (late-night term papers anyone?), but as attorney Clay Hodges illustrates, it is a powerful tool to activate in your productivity toolbox. In episode 16 of the Path, Clay and I explore four different writing rituals and routines that can help you build skills for professional development and more effective communication. How can you utilize journaling to monitor personal and professional ... [..] read more

Personal Branding for the Nonprofit Professional (Yvonne Levine) January 2020

What is Personal Branding, and why is it important for you as a nonprofit professional? That's exactly what Yvonne Levine and I discussed in episode #15 of the Path. Yvonne's great coaching and consulting experience with different organizations - and their senior leaders - provides many useful take-aways for current and aspiring nonprofit leaders who want to engage in genuine activities to build their positive brand. Among other things, we talk about when to ... [..] read more

Finding Your Nonprofit Leadership Shadow (Will Sparks) January 2020

What is your leadership shadow, and why should you worry about it? That's exactly what Dr. Will Sparks and I discuss in episode #14 of the Path. He's spent 20 years researching the characteristics of great leaders, and also the "shadow" side of their leadership styles which often hold them back in ways they're not even aware. Will and I explore the practical aspects of his studies, and how nonprofit leaders can ... [..] read more

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