Personal Branding for the Nonprofit Professional (Yvonne Levine) January 2020

What is Personal Branding, and why is it important for you as a nonprofit professional? That's exactly what Yvonne Levine and I discussed in episode #15 of the Path. Yvonne's great coaching and consulting experience with different organizations - and their senior leaders - provides many useful take-aways for current and aspiring nonprofit leaders who want to engage in genuine activities to build their positive brand. Among other things, we talk about when to ... [..] read more

Finding Your Nonprofit Leadership Shadow (Will Sparks) January 2020

What is your leadership shadow, and why should you worry about it? That's exactly what Dr. Will Sparks and I discuss in episode #14 of the Path. He's spent 20 years researching the characteristics of great leaders, and also the "shadow" side of their leadership styles which often hold them back in ways they're not even aware. Will and I explore the practical aspects of his studies, and how nonprofit leaders can ... [..] read more

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