How Do You Blend For-Profit and Nonprofit Leadership Lessons? (Will Jones)

February 2020

Like many in the nonprofit sector, Will Jones gained leadership experience from other arenas, including the social service and for-profit sectors. He now serves as the President and CEO of Thompson, a leading provider of clinical and prevention services for children and families across the Carolinas. In Episode 18 of The Path Podcast, Will and I dive into many topics related to the blend of best practices he's gained from his experience, and what he's learned that will help current and aspiring nonprofit leaders along the Path.  How do you push for "profitability" in a nonprofit world?  How do you find and hire the right people, and how do you keep your team engaged and motivated?   Episode 18 will give you much to consider, and many resources to boot!

"If a nonprofit doesn't work well, people suffer. It's part of my mission to do what I can to assist."


Will started his career with the Orange County Youth & Family Services Division and moved from there to the Children's Home Society of Florida in Orlando. He then served as senior vice president of One Hope United in Orlando, and after that become the chief operating officer at Eckerd Youth Alternatives. In 2015, Will joined SAS, the largest privately-owned software company in the world, as a human services industry consultant. Since joining Thompson as President/CEO in 2017, he has steadily moved the organization forward including 200% growth in Thompson's Foster Care Program and the facilitation of community mental health services that served 145% more children and families.  Will earned his undergraduate and master's degrees in criminal justice from the University of Central Florida, and he and his wife Yereely have five children.