3 Essential Skills for Nonprofit Leadership (Hal Lewis)

March 2020

Dr. Hal Lewis was the perfect person to illustrate three critical skills nonprofit leaders must develop.  As a nonprofit executive himself, a scholar published on a variety of leadership topics, and a consultant working with leaders across the country, he was well-positioned to provide the practical advice and resources you need on your nonprofit path.  In episode #26 of The Path Podcast, Hal and I discussed the ability to attract and retain top-notch talent, the ability to successfully partner with your board of directors, and the expertise necessary to build a collaborative organization within your community context.  As a prolific writer and speaker, you won't be surprised to hear Hal offer numerous resources throughout our conversation (many of which are linked below)!

"We cannot afford as a system, or as an individual organization, to settle for anything other than excellence in our professional staff."


Over a career that has spanned more than three decades, Hal has been both an extremely successful nonprofit executive, and a highly regarded professor of leadership. Hal taught or lectured at the University of Cincinnati, University of Illinois Chicago, Brandeis University, Spertus College (Chicago), and Hebrew University (Jerusalem). He has served in positions ranging from the Development Vice President of the American Cancer Society (Ft. Lauderdale) to the President and CEO of the Jewish Federation (Columbus, OH). Most recently he completed more than a decade as the President and CEO of Chicago's Spertus College/Spertus Institute. Because he combines the perspective of both a scholar and a practitioner, Dr. Lewis' work through his consulting practice, Leadership for Impact, is informed by research and best practice, along with a pragmatic understanding of the challenges facing contemporary nonprofit leaders.