Making the Jump: Corporate America to Nonprofit Executive (Kristin Beck)

April 2020

After twenty years of success in the for-profit arena, Kristin Beck could have easily continued on her upward trajectory.  But her inner voice confirmed something was missing and she knew a change might be warranted.  She then began a thoughtful process to evaluate her options and make sure she was prepared for the eventual nonprofit leadership opportunity that could take advantage of the skills and experiences she brought from the corporate world. What emerged - her personal strategic plan - is a wonderful example of an approach from which any current or future nonprofit executive can learn.  How did she take advantage of a personal retreat to put her plan together?  How did she assure she had the technical skills and knowledge to succeed?  How did she effectively network in her community to both learn more and to position herself for the perfect opportunity?  Kristin and I discuss all of these questions as well as her remarkable leadership skills in action as she maneuvered through the COVID-19 crisis with her new organization.  

"I didn't have such a rigidity to my plan that I missed out on what has turned out to be my dream job."


Kristin Winkle Beck joined Social Venture Partners Charlotte as the Executive Director in October 2019 after two decades of experience leading business units and strategic vendor relationships for Capital One, GE Consumer Finance and Bank of America. She  intentionally stepped out of corporate America when she left her position as Senior Vice President at Bank of America Merchant Services to take a sabbatical in 2018 to recharge and refocus her career. During her sabbatical, Kristin completed two coaching certifications and founded her own coaching and consulting firm, Pivot Point Professionals, LLC.  Kristin grew up in Ohio and migrated south to attend college, escape harsh winters, and practice southern hospitality.  She earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology and a certificate for Business Essentials in Nonprofit Leadership from Wake Forest University.  Kristin is a podcast junkie, coffee addict, and networking enthusiast. Along with her husband Aaron, she enjoys cooking and hosting friends in their Charlotte home.



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