Challenging the Nonprofit Status Quo (Tina Postel)

June 2020

What should you put in place at your nonprofit organization before you encounter challenges like those we're facing right now?  That's one of the many topics Tina Postel and I discuss in episode #42 of the Path podcast, and fortunately you're not too late to implement many of her great ideas.  Families struggling with food insecurities have enough barriers to overcome, and she knew her organization, Loaves & Fishes, had to be more effective and efficient even before the current coronavirus conditions began to affect her staff, volunteers and the families she serves.  Tina put her leadership skills into play so she could not only maintain the volume of food provided but be nimble enough to expand and to explore other partnerships in her sector.  Tina has always been a student of leadership, and we discussed her early efforts to utilize a professional coach and how she honestly appraised her skills so she could develop a plan to get better.  She also has great insight on effectively hiring talent into the nonprofit sector, how she cultivates her board members, and advice she would offer those considering the nonprofit sector as a career path.  Some good books to consider as well!

"I had to acknowledge what skill sets, information, and education I was lacking so that I could surround myself with the people that had those skill sets and could mentor me." 


Tina Postel serves as the Executive Director of Loaves & Fishes, Inc. where she oversees a network of over 40 emergency food pantries in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2019, Loaves & Fishes provided groceries to over 80,000 neighbors in need. Tina previously served as Chief Executive Officer for the Billings Family YMCA. Tina has a BS in Psychology from the University of Iowa and a master's degree in Organizational Leadership for Nonprofit Management from Lewis University. In addition to her leadership role at Loaves & Fishes, Tina is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer and presents on topics of collaboration, strategic planning, organizational development and servant leadership. She also serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Carolina Charlotte and teaches graduate courses in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising. Tina is an active member of several local and national volunteer organizations and advocacy groups aimed to combat poverty, alleviate food insecurity and achieve social justice for all. She is a professional leader in nonprofit services and philanthropy with over 20 years of experience working and volunteering in the community to promote positive change.