What Do I Do With My Nonprofit’s Strategic Plan? (Andrew Hollo)

June 2020

Given the great uncertainty nonprofit leaders are facing right now, it's no wonder many are dismissing their long-range strategic plans as practically useless.  However, Andrew Hollo brings a much needed and fresh perspective to this strategic planning dilemma and demonstrates the work he has done across Australia is very much applicable to nonprofit leaders anywhere in the world.  He not only describes three planning phases on which you should be focusing going forward, but also why it is better to think about change readiness versus change management.  We also discuss four existential questions every nonprofit should be asking, and three rules they should be following for success.  Much more to learn from this episode of the Path, as well as a multitude of book recommendations to consider, including Andrew's fantastic From Impossible to Possible, which he is making available to our listeners.  

"People can't be compelled to change, they can only be invited to join something that represents change."


Andrew Hollo is the Founder & CEO of Workwell and one of Australia's leading experts in realizing the potential of organizations and groups to develop "big ideas" and gain collective results, especially in demanding, complex sectors where work across organizational and sector boundaries is required. He has high level of skill in getting diverse views to the highest value, and clear conceptual agreement in the shortest possible time. In 20 years, Andrew has led over 500 projects for clients who deliver substantial public value: government and nongovernment, as well as privately held.  He's worked with numerous public value agencies on the alignment of leaders around clearly articulated strategic vision, roles and objectives -- with demonstrable outcomes.  Prior to founding Workwell, he served as a Director for G & H Training, and as a Consultant for Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting).  Andrew received his BA in Psychology from the University of Melbourne.