Maximizing Partnerships for Nonprofit Success (Sabrina Dawson)

October 2020

How can you create lasting partnerships that not only establish your nonprofit but help it accelerate its growth? That's exactly what Sabrina Dawson and I discussed in episode #66 of the Path Podcast.  An educator throughout her professional career, Sabrina is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Programs for The Collective, a Memphis-based organization working with schools, employers and community stakeholders to establish career pathways and ensure equitable access to support, resources, and opportunities for young adults between the ages of 18 and 30.  Sabrina and her Co-Founder, Sarah Lockridge-Steckel, have built unique alliances with employers, sponsors, funders, as well as general volunteers, which offer great insight for nonprofit leaders everywhere. 

"Let's do less talking about the work and more doing of the work, and let the work speak for itself."


Sabrina joined The Collective to develop and implement their careers program, which connects opportunity youth to high demand careers, while providing intensive support services.  Sabrina began her career serving 6-12th grade students through the esteemed Teach for America program. During that time, she served in many roles within the educational environment, including Teacher, Vice Principal of Instruction, Associate Director of College Counseling, and a member of an Academic Leadership Team. She has served as an educator and instructional leader in inner-city public and charter schools and her work in college counseling led to 100% college matriculation. Sabrina has also designed and executed the Career Pathways model to support older youth in the DC foster care system with college and career supports which significantly increased the percentage of youth exiting foster care with sustainable employment. She has presented her model for educational and career success at many conferences including the National Pathways to Adulthood conference and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education's Post-Secondary and Career Education Conference. Sabrina has a BA in Philosophy from The Florida State University and her Master of Arts in Teaching from The Johns Hopkins University.