Why You Shouldn’t Start a Charity (Matthew Zachary)

October 2020

As a cancer survivor and marketing expert, Matthew Zachary approaches most things in life with a very different perspective, including nonprofit leadership.  This approach is provocative and thought-provoking, and is sure to make you think differently about many of the "standards" of nonprofit leadership.  On episode #65 of the Path Podcast, Matthew shares his rationale for NOT starting a nonprofit, why charitable organizations often get the short end of the stick in corporate partnerships, and what every nonprofit leader needs to be reading.  He also shares from personal experience when it's time to step down as a nonprofit leader, particularly when you're the Founder.  All this and much more in this entertaining and free-wheeling episode of the Path!

"Don't give it away for free!  That's often where nonprofits fall short."


Ten years after surviving brain cancer at age 21, Matthew founded Stupid Cancer, the world's largest young adult cancer community, and launched The Stupid Cancer Show, the first health podcast, which amassed a global listenership in the millions. He stepped down as Stupid Cancer's CEO in 2019 and launched his latest venture, OffScrip Media, the first audio broadcast network focused on consumer health and patient advocacy. Matthew is now back behind the mic with his new show, "Out of Patients," hailed as "the people's voice in healthcare."  As he continues to be outspoken about the perils of the healthcare system, the through-line of Matthew's entire career is patient advocacy. Matthew is also an acclaimed keynote speaker, accomplished film composer, and award-winning concert pianist.