7 Strategies to Drive Sustainable Change (Dyisha Reliford)  

November 2020

The ability to manage change must be part of your toolkit as a nonprofit leader.  After starting her career with Teach for America in Chicago, Dyisha Reliford continued to learn from her successful corporate, community and nonprofit experiences to formulate the essential steps to managing change. Her study led to a wonderfully practical new book called The Transformation Playbook: 7 Winning Strategies to Drive Sustainable Change.  On episode #70 of the Path Podcast, Dyisha and I discussed several of her winning strategies, including how to effectively write a vision statement for change, how to communicate change to different constituencies, and how to deal with detractors in your efforts to initiate a change.  Lots of real-world application from this conversation that will help your efforts to organize and activate change.

"How do you undertake a strategic initiative that extends beyond one person and gets embedded in the organization's culture?" 


Dyisha is a results-driven and visionary leader in the world of business transformation. Currently, she serves as a corporate healthcare executive and strategic thought partner in the role as Senior Director, Transformation, at AmerisourceBergen - a Fortune 10 company with more than $185 billion in annual revenue. In this role, she is responsible for partnering with executive leaders to capture transformation results by analyzing business operations, assessing processes, evaluating financial impacts, and supporting the enterprise transformation strategy. Prior to her current role at AmerisourceBergen, Dyisha held director-level roles in Investor Relations and Marketing. Prior to AmerisourceBergen, she worked for several leading companies, including General Electric (GE), Pfizer, and McKinsey & Company, where she led and supported change programs of all shapes and sizes. At GE, she was awarded the prestigious GE Healthcare Management Gold Above and Beyond Award and back-to-back GE Healthcare Marketer of the Year awards for her work in global marketing transformation and customer engagement automation. Dyisha graduated from Harvard College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and received her Master of Business Administration with Honors from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. A native Ohioan, Dyisha currently resides in the Charlotte, NC area.