How to Recruit and Engage Stellar Board Members (Karen Eber Davis)

December 2020

As a nonprofit leader, two topics are always on the top of your list of strategic priorities.  First, how do I recruit and engage great board members?  And second, how do I create a sustainable and dynamic fundraising program that secures my nonprofit for the future?  In episode #77 of the Path Podcast, I had a great conversation with Karen Eber Davis, who proves she is the perfect person to answer both of these high-priority questions.  After discussing some of Karen's productivity tips in this work-from-home environment, we dive into her specific strategies to help you systematically recruit - and engage - stellar board members.  We then discussed specific fundraising strategies that she's developed through her work with hundreds of nonprofit organizations and has shared in her book.

" How do your board members manage information?  Can they imagine future opportunities and consequences?"


Too many nonprofits struggle to obtain adequate revenue. Karen Eber Davis Consulting guides executive directors and CEOs to generate the resources they need to excel at creating mission results. For over twenty years, Karen has turned leaders like you into revenue heroes. She specializes in commonsense approaches to organizing organizations to maximize mission, grow a community, and inspire revenue. People hire Karen to increase their income by up to 300 percent. What they gain are strategies that improve their organizations forever. Karen is the author of Let's Raise Nonprofit Millions Together and 7 Nonprofit Income Streams. On her website, you can sign-up to join her free community and read over 100 articles about nonprofit leadership.