IPL's New Development Professionals Welcome BoardSource & AFP Experts

December 2020

The New Development Professionals program, one of two signature programs produced by the Institute for Philanthropic Leadership, continued its fall season with an outstanding line-up of nonprofit experts. This month's special guests included Jim Taylor from BoardSource who led things off with a presentation titled Integrating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion into Your Board Culture and Performance, followed by Penny Hawkins from PMA Consulting and President of AFP Charlotte. who shared Professional Networking & Resources.

The New Development Professionals program prepares aspiring nonprofit leaders to excel in the fundraising, management and organizational planning skills required in the philanthropic sector. To date, 93 professionals from 58 organizations have attended this program. Click here to see those who have completed the program, and go here for more information and to apply!

The target audience for the program is new or aspiring professionals in the nonprofit sector whose responsibility features fundraising.  The program consists of four monthly (3-hour) sessions from September - December each Fall.

PMA Consulting President Patton McDowell serves as the facilitator and lead faculty member for the program.