How Can Nonprofit Leaders be More Authentic Fundraisers? (Jennifer Harris)  

February 2021

Fundraising is one of the most important - but often dreaded - functions you have to contemplate as a nonprofit leader. You clearly believe in the mission of your organization, yet fundraising often feels disconnected and transactional.  How do you get more comfortable assuring your nonprofit has the funding it needs to achieve its core purpose, and feel good about it at the same time?  Well, Jennifer Harris is the perfect person to address this dilemma, and she provides great advice that will help both current and aspiring nonprofit leaders in Episode #85 of the Path Podcast. Jennifer talks about what an authentic ask really is, and how you can get more comfortable making it.  She also talks about creating a culture of gratitude at your organization, as well as how to get your board members more comfortable with the authentic ask as well!  

"How do you become the bridge between the mission of your organization and the donor?"


Jennifer Harris is a San Diego-based fundraising and communications entrepreneur who has spent nearly two decades working across the social sector. Her consultancy, JH Collective, Inc., leverages a holistic mindset to bolster fundraising, messaging, and strategy for nonprofits, universities, and health-related organizations. Jennifer has worked for nearly two decades in fundraising and communications, in leadership roles that span annual giving, major and principal giving, capital campaign design and development, and senior management. Most recently, she has ignited dialogue around "the authentic ask" and board wellness, and specifically works with clients to feed their mission, steward possibility, and generate impact. To learn more and/or book a workshop, get in touch with Jennifer.