Bringing A Business Perspective to Nonprofit Leadership (Laryn Weaver)  

March 2021

Have you contemplated whether your for-profit experience might translate into effective leadership in the charitable sector?  Many nonprofit leaders bring invaluable skills from their for-profit days, but sometimes face barriers in effectively translating those experiences into current nonprofit practice. Laryn Weaver proved to be the perfect guest to talk about that exact topic (and much more!).  She is a former business owner, speaker, trainer and author, and now leads the Greenville Area Parkinson Society in the Upstate region of South Carolina.  She not only talks about her transition from the for-profit world to nonprofit leadership, but also how she continues to apply experience in both sectors to her fundraising, board development, staff recruitment AND her continued professional development planning. Lots of great take-aways in episode #91 of the Path Podcast!

"We are a business, and we have to see ourselves as a business so we can be efficient and serve our mission."


Leadership development is a critical aspect of every organization.  As the founder of Laryn Weaver Consulting, LLC, Laryn has worked most closely with nonprofit organizations to improve vision, mission, and overall culture.  As the Executive Director of the Greenville Area Parkinson Society, she continues to bring clarity, intention, efficiency, and development to the already existing programs, as well as help form a vision for a larger future impact in the Upstate of South Carolina. Laryn is grateful for the opportunity to support and honor this specific community as it uniquely matches her life purpose of helping others become the best version of themselves while also bringing greater awareness about Parkinson's Disease - and those who are battling it - to the people of the Upstate. Laryn has lived at 22 different addresses in four different states over the past 28 years. Some of her key accomplishments include her status as a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Development Trainer, the author of four books (including Living Intentionally) and she's working on her Masters of Organizational Leadership from Anderson University in October of 2021. Laryn has successfully built four businesses between 1995-2015, two in a retail capacity selling products, one as a speaker and an author, and one as a development coach. She has helped her nonprofit with a 400% increase in membership and revenue in her first two years. Laryn has been married for 28 years, and has raised four accomplished adults.