Moving Through the Pandemic: What Do We Do Now? (Michael Marsicano)

April 2021

As one of the most popular guests on Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, it seems only fitting to bring back Michael Marsicano as the podcast completes its first 100 episodes. On his first visit to the Path (episode #32), Michael raised important questions - and offered key insight - on the role of philanthropy as nonprofit leaders grappled with a global pandemic in April of 2020.  A year later, he continues to address many of the important questions that remain, and shares more about the great work community foundations are doing all over the world, and some of the specific programs the Foundation For The Carolinas and its funders are bringing to the communities it serves.  In addition to the organizational leadership the FFTC provides, Michael sheds light on his personal leadership style and how the last year has affected his approach to strategy, team building and lifelong learning.

"We are going to have to adapt to the new realities coming out of this, but we're not out of it yet."



Michael Marsicano is President and CEO of Foundation For The Carolinas, the community foundation serving Charlotte and the surrounding 13-county region. The Foundation leads a variety of civic leadership initiatives in areas such as affordable housing, economic opportunity, public school reform, the arts and the environment.  Since Dr. Marsicano joined the Foundation in 1999 its assets have grown from $245 million to now more than $2.6 billion. During that time, FFTC rose from the 35th largest community foundation in the U.S. to currently the 6th largest, and now manages nearly 3,000 charitable funds. During his tenure, contributions to FFTC-held funds have exceeded $4 billion and grant awards to nonprofits total more than $2.8 billion. Dr. Marsicano joined FFTC after serving as President and CEO of the Arts & Science Council in Charlotte for 10 years. During his tenure, the United Arts Fund moved to the nation's highest in per capita in annual giving and became one of the largest endowed arts councils in the U.S.  A native of New York, Dr. Marsicano received his Bachelor of Science, Master of Education and Doctor of Philosophy from Duke University. He is married to the Rev. Leslie Montfort Marsicano, also a graduate of Duke University and the Duke Divinity School.