Effective Nonprofit Leadership in a Virtual World (Heather Burright)

May 2021

While nonprofit leaders are welcoming a gradual return to in-person meetings and events, the virtual access required during the pandemic will remain an operational reality going forward.  For many leaders, the prospect of more online meetings and trainings is frustrating, but how can you make the best of this reality and in fact leverage the technology to improve the effectiveness of your virtual platforms to increase the engagement of staff, board and volunteers?  That's exactly what I discuss with Heather Burright in episode #103 of the Path, as she brings her expertise in instructional design to help nonprofit leaders contemplate improvements to their staff and board meetings, reconsider how they do trainings for staff and volunteers, and how they can more effectively onboard new employees in a remote setting.  


"How can you leverage technology to increase the engagement of your staff, board and volunteers?"  


Heather Burright is the founder and CEO of Skill Masters Market, and specializes in creating dynamic, people-centric solutions that drive business goals and accelerate career development. With her comes expertise in strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion; instructional design; and change management. She's dedicated to identifying core competencies that are needed to see real results and to creating the strategies and solutions needed to develop those competencies. She helps nonprofits stand out, achieve their mission and goals, and build trust and credibility through learning - even in a virtual world.