Leading A Nonprofit Through Dramatic Growth (Rob Harter)

May 2021

It seems obvious that most nonprofit leaders hope to grow their impact and increase the numbers they serve, but are they really ready for dramatic growth?  Growth without planning can create all kinds of problems, which makes the thoughtful leadership of Dr. Rob Harter even more helpful as a guide to program growth and strategic expansion. Rob serves as the Executive Director of the Christian Center of Park City in Utah, and is active in multiple nonprofit associations. In episode #102 the Path, we discuss how he's managed the dramatic growth at CCPC, including the focus on hiring talent, the evolution of his board of directors, his approach to fundraising and strategic planning, and how he's positioning the organization as it approaches its 20th anniversary.

"It's wonderful to scale up our organizations and have greater impact, but getting bigger also creates greater vulnerability."



Dr. Rob Harter is an executive professional with over 24 years of experience in leading and building non-profit organizations, leveraging resources and managing organizational growth. In 2010, he became the Executive Director of CCPC (Christian Center of Park City), a humanitarian and community-focused non-profit organization with a bold vision to serve as a leading networker of community services to those in need. Rob is currently the Host of the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast, and he serves as the Chair of Utah's MLK Jr. Commission for Human Rights.  He also serves on the Board for the Utah Nonprofits Association, serves as a Ski Chaplain for the Park City Mountain Resort, coaches local youth basketball and soccer. Rob has also served as a board member for both locally and globally-focused non-profit organizations including serving on the board for Mountainlands Housing, and is a Park City Leadership Class Alumnus. In addition to playing College varsity basketball, he loves deep powder skiing, hiking 14-thousand-foot mountains, devouring great books, traveling to new places and coaching his children's sports teams. Most of all, he loves spending quality time with his amazing wife and children.