Next Generation Talent: Does Your Nonprofit Have a Plan? (Righteous Keitt)

June 2021

Success as a nonprofit leader does not necessarily require years of experience. Inspiration can occur at any age, and the question simply becomes doing something about it. In episode #109 of the Path Podcast, I was fortunate to speak with exactly the kind of young nonprofit leader that has much to offer our sector, and someone who did not "wait for his turn" to make a difference.  Righteous Keitt was drawn to philanthropy at an early age, and started his first 501c3 at age 15 to help the homeless population in Charlotte, NC. After honing his skills through volunteer and internship opportunities with Generation Nation and Profound Gentlemen, he's continued his organizational leadership and community activism as a full-time student at UNC Chapel Hill.  Righteous and I discuss many of the lessons he's learned as a young nonprofit leader, and the great opportunities he sees for nonprofits to better attract and retain talented future leaders just like him.  

"You have to start somewhere; if not, you won't accomplish anything and your dream will go to waste."



Righteous Keitt is a community activist and a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he was awarded a full Pogue Scholarship. Keitt realized his passion for community service at a young age, and in high school started a non-profit to help the homeless in Charlotte gain access to daily toiletries. He has mentored over three hundred students, and in 2019, was the youngest recipient of a North Carolina Heritage Award alongside trailblazers like former Charlotte Mayor Harvey B. Gantt. Last year Righteous was featured as part of Men's Health Magazine's The 2020 Project, which recognized the "Top 20 Twenty-Year Olds of 2020."  Keitt now serves as a Board member for the nonprofit Generation Nation, and in the future, wants to continue his non-profiteering and activism while also giving back to the Carolinas, the place that has given him many opportunities and a chance to explore his potential.