The Surprising Gift of Doubt for Nonprofit Leaders (Marc Pitman)

September 2021

As a nonprofit leader, you constantly face new challenges for which none of your training and previous experience can prepare you. Under such circumstances, it's easy to lose confidence and succumb to those feelings of doubt, and wonder where leadership solutions might come from.  As a long-time leadership coach and fundraiser in the nonprofit sector, Marc Pitman understands these feelings of insecurity, and has written a fascinating book called The Surprising Gift of Doubt, which offers practical advice for any leader to better embrace their innate confidence and abilities. In episode #125 of the Path Podcast, Marc and I discuss this gift of doubt, the flaws in how we typically learn about leadership, and what we can do to better embrace all four of his leadership quadrants. A must-listen for current and aspiring nonprofit leaders!

"Doubt can be an invitation! It can tell you're on the verge of greatness, and that your voice is exactly what your organization and sector needs." 



Concord Leadership Group founder Marc A. Pitman, CSP® has been leading organizations and teams for decades. His failures and successes have caused him to study leadership for over 30 years, including earning a Masters in Organizational Leadership and certification as a FranklinCovey Coach. His latest book is The Surprising Gift of Doubt: Use Uncertainty to Become the Exceptional Leader You Are Meant to Be. He's also the author of Ask Without Fear!®  which has been translated into Dutch, Polish, Spanish, and Mandarin. He's also the executive director of and a former Advisory Panel member of Rogare, a prestigious international fundraising think tank. Marc's expertise and enthusiasm engages audiences around the world both in person and with online presentations, and has caught the attention of media organizations as diverse as The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Real Simple, SUCCESS Magazine, NBC, Al Jazeera, and Fox News. Marc tweets regularly at @marcapitman. Over the past 18 years, Marc's organizational and leadership coaching and trainings have helped tens of thousands of nonprofits advance their missions, meet revenue goals, and improve the lives of their staff and supporters including clients like the Maine Public Broadcasting, Georgetown University, In Defense of Animals, Habitat for Humanity, Chabad on Campus, Islamic Relief USA, and the Association of the U.S. Army. He is the husband to his best friend and the father of three amazing kids. 

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