Finding the Resources You Need as a Nonprofit Leader (Stephanie Minor)

October 2021

Do you have the resources you need as a nonprofit leader? The best nonprofit leaders embrace the concept of life-long learning because they know they must stay on top of the issues that face their organization and the sector in which it operates.  Managing issues of fundraising and philanthropy, human resources, mental health, diversity, equity & inclusion, strategic planning, finance, human resources and countless other topics can easily become overwhelming for a nonprofit leader. Fortunately, there are resources available to help, and in episode #126 of the Path PodcastStephanie Minor offers a gold mine of ideas and specific advice about where to find them. Stephanie works with hundreds of nonprofit leaders through her NPO Centric organization, and has taken the time to understand the challenges you are likely facing right now, and has proactively developed resources to help.


"To go far in the nonprofit sector: take care of yourself, stay current with your learning, and put the right systems and processes in place."


Stephanie Minor is a veteran fundraising professional, nonprofit executive, and strategic development coach whose proven fundraising strategies have won big grants and gifts for important and impactful nonprofit causes. She joined NPO Centric as its Director in 2019, where she advances the work of nonprofits through capacity building and technical assistance. Stephanie started her professional career as a communicator and social media strategist after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Cal State San Bernardino. Through her own firm, Premiere Designs, LLC, she planned, developed, and executed successful integrated social media and website content strategies for a variety of clients, including organizations in the nonprofit sector. In 2015, she was offered an opportunity to serve on the staff of Martha's Village & Kitchen, one of the largest providers of homeless services in the Coachella Valley and Riverside County. As the director of development, she launched a successful $5 million capital campaign, and became the executive vice president of the organization. She also won the "Best Pitch" award through the RAP Foundation's 2018 Desert Fast Pitch competition for nonprofits. Through her powerful 3-minute pitch about the plight of homeless children in California, she was awarded a donation of $20,000 toward the creation of a space in the residential unit of Martha's Village & Kitchen exclusively for homeless children.

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