What’s It Like to Be in a PMA Mastermind?

December 2021


If you've been thinking about whether a Mastermind leadership experience might be right for you, you'll enjoy reading the highlights below from nonprofit leaders who were part of Cohorts One, Two and Three, who shared more about their experiences.  If you think you're ready, apply now!   The need for agile nonprofit leadership has never been greater. Unfortunately, individuals in the nonprofit sector often do not receive the professional development they need to advance towards their leadership goals. We are committed to responding to this need through targeted leadership development coaching and training, and as a result, offer PMA's Mastermind Leadership Development Program to accelerate Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership
Our Mastermind Program is a uniquely structured four-month virtual program (seven two-hour sessions) that combines one-on-one coaching and peer mentorship to meet the needs of individuals in each cohort. Each cohort is composed of six to eight talented nonprofit leaders. This small group size ensures that each participant receives adequate individual coaching, while also expanding their network and benefiting from the accountability and feedback from the other participants.

      "When I started my new role, I suddenly had to be a manager, strategist, and fundraiser...this group offered me leadership fundamentals that I was able to implement right away"

●      "I feel like every time I come into a Mastermind Session, I'm in a swirl of chaos. I feel guilty taking this time for myself, but then something during the conversation grounds me and I realize the investment of time is worth it, even amid the chaos. I'm so thankful to Patton and this cohort for that."

●      "Patton was a huge part of an important career decision I recently made. Since I was in the Mastermind Program and had developed a relationship with him, I called him on short notice when I was confronted with this challenge, and he encouraged me to know my worth"

●      "I would recommend this experience to anyone looking for an opportunity to reflect on their "what's next", whether it is developing and growing in their current role or planning for their next move. I would also recommend this experience for people interested in broadening their network and expanding their worldview by meeting other professionals who are growing, striving and learning as well."

●      "The mastermind class forced me to think about MYSELF and MY professional development, something I haven't done in many years.  The progression of the class helped ease me into the process of reflecting, planning, and putting my personal plan into action."

●      "If you are interested in evaluating your career, where you want to go, and the skills you need to make a change at your current / new organization, then this class would serve you quite well."

●      "My favorite thing about the Masterminds Program was the opportunity to meet, collaborate, and build friendships with incredible people in this field who I otherwise would not have had the chance to meet.  I would recommend this program to anyone looking for the dedicated time to give yourself in order to see what's next and what you're capable of."

●      "If you are searching for a better version of yourself, personally and professionally, this is the program for you. I have reflected and invested more time in myself, and implemented practical tactics to become a better leader, ultimately driving better outcomes personally and professionally for my team."

●      "To me, the chance to engage with colleagues and discuss developing challenges and innovative opportunities was a value-add. The Mastermind Program helped me strategically plan and implement steps to deepen my professional journey.  I look forward to continuing the relationship forged with my cohort and the PMA team."

●      "In the Mastermind program, I discovered an incredible community of peers that I can lean on for guidance and encouragement as we support each other on our journeys as nonprofit leaders.  The value of that community, and the many lessons I have learned from each person, will unquestionably help me to be a more competent and confident professional. "

●      "I recommend the Mastermind program to anyone looking for a meaningful resource to engage with nonprofit leaders through shared experiences while gaining the invaluable tools necessary to strategically examine your own career and how you will achieve future, personal success."

●      "I recommend this program for anyone looking for personal growth and self-exploration. The vibrant community of passionate nonprofit leaders that I connected with through the cohort made me a better fundraiser, leader, and coach. Also, this experience gave me insight into the complexities of nonprofit leadership across multiple sectors and helped me understand the importance of self-care. I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity!"