Top Nonprofit Podcasts You Can’t Miss in 2022

January 2022


Just the stats please!

78% (222 million) of Americans were familiar with the podcast format in 2021, up 3% from 2020, and more than one-third (104 million) of Americans listen to podcasts regularly.  41% (116 million) listened to a podcast in the average month, and 28% (80 million) are weekly podcast listeners.  Despite Covid, and in part because of it, podcasting experienced unprecedented growth as podcast audiences diversified.

So, who are all these listening Americans?

White: 57%, African American: 13%, Latino: 16%, Asian: 4%, and 10% identify as other. Along with more diversity, there is a closing of the gender gap in podcasting with 43% men and 39% women. People ages 12-34 make up 66% of podcast fans within America, followed by listeners ages 35-44, and a small one-fifth of listeners over age 65, listen monthly.  Podcast listeners have always been an educated group, and that's still the case with over 66% having a college degree and an average annual household income of $75,000 or more.

But why should nonprofit professionals listen?

Humans think in stories. No other sector is more educated in the power of the story than those of us in nonprofit.  Research at Stanford University observed that we not only remember information more when it is conveyed as part of a narrative, up to 22 times more than facts alone, but information communicated through story often has a greater emotional impact on the listener as well.  The format of podcasts lends itself to storytelling while the audio content allows listeners to engage with the content in a different way.  They offer an opportunity for time optimization, personal and professional growth and can also be very inspiring all of which is great for nonprofit professionals.  

You've convinced me!  Now how do I choose the best nonprofit podcast?

Follow us!  Here are some of our favorite nonprofit podcasts featuring renowned philanthropists, social innovators, and industry experts covering topics in-depth that will keep you informed, expose you to new skills, methods and trends, and assist you on your own journey to nonprofit leadership.

Dr. Rob Harter: The Nonprofit Leadership Podcast covers the most critical issues, trends, and opportunities facing nonprofit leaders and those engaged in social innovation. Hosted by Dr. Rob Harter, this podcast features founders and CEOs of nonprofits. In this nonprofit podcast, you will hear real stories from experienced leaders about what strategies and practices have made them successful.

An October episode featured our own Patton McDowell on how nonprofits have changed both now and in the long term as a result of Covid. The episode explored interesting reflections and insights as to what the state of nonprofits are today.


Dolph Goldenburg: Successful Nonprofits podcast has episodes that focus on managing your nonprofit's risk, utilizing social media, using your board most effectively, and much more. Each episode features a nonprofit expert. The podcast covers a wide range of relevant topics including nonprofit mergers and promoting diversity and inclusion.

One episode featured Cindi Phallen, president of Create Possibility and author of The Impact Triangle: The 3 Essentials to Accelerate Your Nonprofit Enterprise. Cindi talked with Dolph about determining the best course of action when a board member is fading out. They went over tools for board engagement, in addition to talking about fundraising myths and storytelling.

Dolph also interviewed Patton in this recent episode where the two discuss tips for efficient and effective fundraising.

Joan Garry: Nonprofits are Messy In her podcast, Joan Garry covers everything from nonprofit marketing, overcoming fundraising mistakes, leadership, optimism, and just about everything else in between. The podcast delves into real-life scenarios a nonprofit might face. Whether it's fundraising that interests you, or Board of Directors, marketing and communications, team building, leadership, money and finance, or even self-care for nonprofit professionals this nonprofit podcast has got you covered.

Among the list of Joan's most popular episodes is Nonprofits, Storytelling and This American Life, where Alex Blumburg, is quoted saying "getting people to care is the most important part of a story, and to get people to care, you have to know why you care".  Alex and Joan share an in-depth discussion around the power of the story you can't miss.

Jenni Hargrove: Nonprofit Jenni Show In each episode, Jenni invites professionals from nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and government agencies to share their experiences related to a particular challenge. She respects the limited free time professionals have in the nonprofit sector by delivering impactful episodes focused on strengthening the individual and the organization.  Jenni also answers anonymous questions submitted by listeners.

Jenni and Patton discuss the topic, is a merger or acquisition right for your organization in episode 92 of the Nonprofit Jenni Show.  And, as we all navigate through the effects of Covid, you won't want to miss Jenni's appearance in episode 74 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership where Patton and Jenni explore ways to make your virtual fundraiser more successful.


Rhea Wong: Nonprofit Lowdown  New to our list this year is Rhea Wong's Nonprofit Lowdown.  As an expert in fundraising who trains nonprofit professionals to achieve their own success in raising money for their own organization.  What she brings to her podcast are only the best ideas, resources, tools, tricks and tips to run your nonprofit like a pro!

In episode 165, Attracting First Generation Wealth with Esther Choy, Rhea brings her fresh and fun perspective as she discusses Esther's research on first-generation wealth creators and how they might be different than your assumptions.  For example, did you know that most wealthy people in the US are self-made and don't come from money? By challenging our assumptions about wealthy individuals, you can learn how to be a better fundraiser.

And here's an insider tip ... Be sure to follow Patton's podcast here so you don't miss Rhea's episode on Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership coming soon!

Andrew Olsen: The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast Andrew Olsen is a best-selling author, speaker, and nonprofit marketer who has helped raise more than $300 million for nonprofits.  The Rainmaker Fundraising Podcast brings high impact interviews with top fundraisers and nonprofit leaders to all professionals looking to up their game in the nonprofit sector.  

In a recent episode, Andrew sits down with Tom Kilgannon, president of Freedom Alliance, a nonprofit organization founded to support our nation's combat wounded and deployed troops and their families, for an in-depth discussion of the organization's specific strategic strategy and how they achieved funding an impressive $20 million in scholarships.

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