Creating a Dynamic Culture at Your Nonprofit Organization (Curt Langford)

February 2022

Nonprofit leaders are always looking for better engagement with their key constituents and long-term donors.  In episode #144 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we look to Texas Tech Alumni Association's President and CEO Curt Langford for valuable advice on building a dynamic culture, the power behind communicating your story effectively, and developing a strong connective network of long-term donors. A positive organizational culture is first established internally with a shift from the usual attributes such as purpose, mission, vision, value proposition, all of which are usually well documented, to understanding the specific, deeper and more powerful why.  Curt explains how the organizational why and the personal why establish an emotional pride that is truly authentic, and when properly aligned, makes you more compelling to those you're trying to reach. When people feel compelled to be a part of something, that's when they are truly believing in your why. Curt clearly articulates the methods behind implementing this overall shift and the impact it has on leadership, staff, board and your long-term donor engagement, and it's clear why the Association is celebrating 95 years of success!

"If we're not invested emotionally, we can't expect others to be. Believe. Belong. Behave. Authenticity matters!"



Curt Langford is the President and CEO of the Texas Tech Alumni Association, and a leader of a longstanding, independent organization that exists to connect, inspire and amplify the Texas Tech family. His charge is to "Strive for Honor," representing the Red Raider SPIRIT of Scholarship, Pride, Inclusivity, Respect, Integrity and Tradition. Curt holds a Master's degree in interdisciplinary studies with emphasis in higher education.  Over his more than two-decade long career he's excelled in true leadership skills such as team leadership, customer relations, public speaking, fundraising, social media strategies, regional & national sales territory management, strategic & operational planning, competitive presentations & proposal writing, investor & board relations, marketing & public relations, competitive research & analysis, feature & technical writing and media design & publishing.


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