5 Key Productivity Moves for Nonprofit Leaders (Mike St. Pierre)

February 2022

Has navigating the shifts in remote work only exacerbated gaps in your productivity?  Or, maybe it didn't take a global pandemic to realize staying organized in the nonprofit sector can exhaust even the most dedicated leaders. This fatigue and sense of exhaustion is real.  However, in episode #146 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we have the founder of Nonprofit Productive, Mike St. Pierre, to equip you with smart and simple strategies to maximize your productivity and avoid burnout.  Take back your schedule with Mike's five key productivity moves. Patton and Mike clearly articulate the best tips and practices from technology to self-care that will provide even the busiest highly motivated leaders the clarity to focus on the right things that need attention. Cited specifically in this episode are: TickTick an organizational app, Carey Nieuwhof's podcast on time management, the project management tool ActiveCollab, Mike's own Ideal Week Template and much more!


"A great mission statement and hard work ethic aren't enough to be a nonprofit leader for the long haul."


Mike St. Pierre and his wife Cary have been married 24 years and are the proud parents of four children. Mike holds a B.A. in Philosophy (Catholic University of America), an M.A. in Theology (Seton Hall University), an M.A. in Educational Leadership (Seton Hall University) and an Ed.D. in Education (College of St. Elizabeth). His articles have appeared in Our Sunday Visitor, Busted Halo, Momentum, Give us This Day, Catechist, America, Faith CATHOLIC and Productive Magazine. His first book was published by Ave Maria Press, The 5 Habits of Prayerful People: A No-Excuses Guide to Strengthening Your Relationship with God. He has been an adjunct professor at Saint Joseph College of Maine, Seton Hall University and The College of St. Elizabeth. In 2017 he received the Seton Hall University Many Are One Alumni Award. He serves on the Board of Directors for Mission Madera, a nonprofit serving students in Uganda. And he's the host of the Nonprofit Productivity Summit, an annual gathering of some of the brightest (and most heartfelt) people in the world.


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