Building A Pipeline for Emerging Nonprofit Leaders (Nick Azulay)

April 2022

Does your organization attract the next generation of dynamic nonprofit leaders? In episode #152 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we talk with Nick Azulay, a Fulbright Scholar, who struggled to convert his education and desire for a meaningful career with the practical skills needed to land a job in the nonprofit sector.  Nick divulges specific tools he used to navigate his path into the nonprofit sector and ultimately a leadership position.  By strengthening your pipeline of quality talent with a well-developed internship program, you will also attract and develop young professionals ready to seamlessly transition into any role.  Nick shares his experiences as one such intern, his transition to a full-time position and now, as a senior leader himself, how best to scale and utilize an intern program to onboard, train, evaluate and retain todays emerging leaders. Nick and Patton discuss what it takes for nonprofits to traverse through a "digital first world," another benefit to investing in young talent.

"Learning to network strategically allowed me to build relationships while creating new and unique learning opportunities."



Nick enthusiastically supports B Corps Digital Agency Whole Whale as a Senior Strategist with a focus on digital advocacy. In this role, Nick is committed to helping nonprofits and social impact organizations expand their impact to drive meaningful and measurable change. At Whole Whale, Nick emphasizes the role of digital political advocacy in the company's work and has contributed to projects that include both political and human rights advocacy objectives.

Nick has spoken on topics like Realtime Campaign Monitoring at NTC (Nonprofit Technology Conference), Digital Organizing at NETROOTS, and has worked with Whole Whale clients like Swing LeftPRXDonate Life America, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and many more.

Nick earned his B.A. in Political Science with a focus on comparative politics and international development from Villanova University. Throughout his undergraduate career, he interned with several different nonprofit organizations where he saw firsthand how successful communication and marketing strategies can increase impact. Prior to Whole Whale, Nick served overseas as an English Teaching Assistant on a State Department-sponsored Fulbright grant, where he taught English to middle and high school students in the rural Czech Republic.



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