How to Assess the Philanthropic Culture of a Nonprofit Organization (Armando Chardiet)

August 2022

Does your organization have a philanthropic culture? How do you know? With increased competition for charitable giving, does your mission both communicate clearly and uniquely position your nonprofit within your community? Armando Chardiet discusses exactly that in episode #169 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, and provides recommendations to best stand out as you seek philanthropic support. He also shares what he looks for in recruiting talent, and why mentorship has been the most significant asset during his nonprofit career, first as the recipient, and later as the core of his leadership model. Armando defines what it means to have a philanthropic culture, then explains how to create and maintain that culture throughout all facets of the organization. He discusses the shift taking place in philanthropy where individual donors and corporate foundations are driven by a more focused market strategy in areas they fund while simultaneously becoming much more critical in evaluating associated outcomes. 

"Philanthropists are now more than ever more sophisticated and focused on what they will support and the outcomes they expect."



Armando L. Chardiet, MSW, is president of the Atrium Health Foundation, supporting one of the most comprehensive and highly integrated not-for-profit healthcare systems in the nation. As a member of the executive leadership team, he is responsible for all philanthropic initiatives and fundraising campaigns that allow the organization to advance its mission to improve health, elevate hope and advance healing for all. A recognized leader in the world of philanthropy with significant experience in establishing a strong culture of charitable giving, Chardiet joined Atrium Health in May 2017. Previously, Chardiet served in a variety of leadership roles, including chair of the Philanthropy Institute at Cleveland Clinic and chief advancement officer and assistant vice dean at the University of Pennsylvania Health System and the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. Additional positions throughout his career include serving at the Washington Hospital Center Foundation, the development division of the largest teaching hospital in Washington, D.C., the American Red Cross, Brown University and American University. Chardiet holds his Bachelor of Arts degree in international relations and Latin American studies from Southern Connecticut University and earned a Master of Science degree in social policy research from the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds an advanced certificate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in research.




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