Planting the Seeds of Change with your Nonprofit Board (Christal Cherry & Renee Rubin Ross)

September 2022


Does your nonprofit's leadership truly represent the diverse voice you serve? Why is it more important than ever to have equal representation at the board level? In episode # 174 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, two talented nonprofit professionals have come together to collaborate on this important topic. Renee Rubin Ross and Christal Cherry share aspects from their DEIB training program and how nonprofits who commit to the process can strengthen the well-being of the entire organization. Renee and Christal discuss the knowledge gaps that exist between black and indigenous people of color and their white colleagues and what actions your board members can take once they recognize the differences that exist. 

"To accept diversity within your board, members must recognize and accept that others have a different lived experience and will not always share the same thought processes."



Christal M. Cherry, is a trained fundraiser with more than 22 years of nonprofit experience serving on executive teams, as a liaison with boards, and a confidant to the CEO/Executive Director. Christal has a passion to help transform board members into impactful leaders and touts fundraising as her ministry - the place where she feels she can make the biggest difference. Christal's mantra: Fundraising is not an F word. Christal founded and leads The Board Pro, a company that equips board members with the tools they need to effectively govern and help nonprofits to fulfill their missions, scale, and become change agents in their communities.



Dr. Renee Rubin Ross is a recognized leader on board and organizational development and strategy and the founder of The Ross Collective, a consulting firm that designs and leads inclusive, participatory processes for social sector boards and staff. Committed to racial equity in the nonprofit sector, Dr. Ross guides leaders and organizations in strategic plans and governance processes that deepen social change, racial justice and community strength. In addition to her consulting work, Dr. Ross is the Director of the Cal State University East Bay Nonprofit Management Certificate program and teaches Strategic Planning and Board Development for the program.




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