Managing A Nonprofit Merger: Would You Be Ready? (Dr. Monique Perry-Graves)

December 2022

As nonprofits consider strategies for the future, its leadership may explore the possibility of re-aligning resources, collaborating to increase efficiencies, or even entering a formal strategic alliance or merger with another nonprofit. In episode #187 of Your Path to Nonprofit LeadershipDr. Monique Perry-Graves shares key considerations nonprofit leaders can follow to guide their organization through the merger process. She discusses her career journey, valuable lessons learned from transitioning sectors, and the most defining moments that prepared her for senior leadership. Monique breaks down her 70/20/10 concept for individual learning, development and elevation to leadership. You'll hear some challenges, benefits and unique opportunities inherent to being a chapter of a national organization as Monique talks about her approach to such things as fundraising, board engagement and talent acquisition and retention.

 "Build your personal toolbox by being a lifelong learner, volunteer in your community, and don't judge your journey by the chapter you're currently in."



Dr. Monique Perry-Graves is an award-winning social impact leader with a deep commitment to expanding educational equity and access. For over twenty years, she has aligned her personal and professional life to this commitment, born from her lived experience and generational family commitment to education. Dr. Perry-Graves serves as Teach for America's first statewide Executive Director for its North Carolina regions. In this role, she leads multiple teams spanning Charlotte, the Piedmont-Triad, Triangle, and Eastern North Carolina, to support Teach For America's mission to find, develop, and support a diverse network of leaders working together to end educational inequity. As chief executive for the state, Dr. Perry-Graves' leadership portfolio includes corps member and alumni programming, communications, public affairs, government relations, operations, fundraising, and two regional advisory boards. In her first year, she successfully led North Carolina's transition from a multi-region portfolio to unified statewide model, forged new statewide and national partnerships, and amplified the impact of the TFA NC network of educators and alumni amid unprecedented challenges during the secondary stages of COVID-19 as districts returned to in-person learning. She continues to share insights and magnify the voices of others with the broader NC community through monthly columns published by EducationNC




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