Nonprofit CEO’s Discuss Strategy & Self-Care

February 2023

Thanks to all the forward-looking nonprofit leaders who attended the virtual Nonprofit CEO Summit hosted by the Society for the Advancement of Consulting last Thursday. Over 50 professionals from around the world gathered to learn about the future of strategy in the nonprofit sector and the changing role of executive leaders. PMA's Patton McDowell moderated the summit, which welcomed attendees and leadership experts from England, Wales, Canada, and throughout the United States. 

Martyn Drake of Binley Drake Consulting offered advice for nonprofits to rethink their strategic planning processes, particularly in an era of significant change and instability. Martyn encouraged attendees to think critically about the "different roles you can play" as an organization to create change, "rather than just [do] what you've always done." He described the less conventional strategies that nonprofits can use to fulfill their mission, such as educating other organizations about their service model. 

Next, Cheryl Hudgins Williams of Hudgins Williams Associates discussed several ways that executives can improve their self-care practices, including by celebrating their achievements and striking a healthier work/life balance. Cheryl underlined the importance of asking for support and accountability from colleagues throughout this process to increase the likelihood of following through. Regardless of which changes someone wants to make, however, Cheryl highlighted that "[t]he single most important thing you can do is start small."

Attendees also discussed many other topics, including the difficulty of changing a strategic plan without disrupting the organization, as well as the importance of remaining flexible while navigating changes in the sector. They also reflected on the challenges of planning during the pandemic, especially for organizations that largely deliver face-to-face services.

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