Staffing Your Grants Program: Employee or Consultant? (Holly Rustick)

April 2023

Grant writing is more than just a process, it's a skill. And like any skill, we must perfect it with time and practice. So how do you evaluate if you should outsource this aspect of your fundraising program or invest internally? In episode #206 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we speak with funding and grant writing expert Holly Rustick to help determine which is worth more to your organization the time you'll have to spend working on grant writing, or the money you'll spend on the expert? Between juggling your regular responsibilities and the work you do for your nonprofit, you might not be able to polish your skill to the level needed to apply for grants, especially the most competitive ones.

"Nonprofit leaders should be intentional with any type of new hire, whether that's a contractor or an employee." 



World-renowned grant writing expert and Amazon bestselling author Holly Rustick coaches thousands of people every week through her top-ranking podcast, Grant Writing & Funding, books on grant writing, and via the Hub Haven on taking actionable steps in grant writing. Having secured millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations around the world throughout the past 16+ years, Holly has a mission to train grant writers to simplify the process, grow capacity, and advance mission. Holly has an MA in International Political Economy, is past-president of the Guam Women's Chamber of Commerce, and is an unapologetic feminist. Holly lives on the island of Guam with her beautiful daughter, Isabella. If you are interested in advancing your grant writing skills or transitioning into freelance grant writing, be sure to check out Holly's articles, books, and podcasts at