Leading Through Failure as a Nonprofit Leader (Amy Burkett)

May 2023

Do failures knock you back more than they should? Failure shouldn't be debilitating and Amy Burkett says it's actually the secret to your success! In episode #210 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, two-time author, executive, and leadership expert Amy Burkett shares why you shouldn't fear failure, and instead make it your friend. She shares how you can weave the lessons from failures into success and not become paralyzed with the fear of failure. Nowhere else can that fear be more prevalent than in the mission driven nonprofit sector. Learn skills that equip you with strategies enabling you to change our world for the better. She advocates that the way you react to failure can set you up for success. Do you know your ROF? Amy knows that failure's enemy is tenacity.

"If you've never failed, you're not trying anything big enough." 



After 30 years in broadcasting, Amy still loves the business of connecting through media. She's thrilled to lead the renaissance of WTVI PBS Charlotte as general manager since June of 2013.  Before that she spent 14 years at WLVT PBS39 in Bethlehem, PA as executive vice president.  She began her career in commercial television working at network affiliates as a reporter/anchor for nine years. Over the last two decades Amy's studied the art of leadership and received her John Maxwell certification as a trainer, speaker and coach in 2012.  Amy is the founder/CEO of Amy Burkett Consulting (ABC) her executive coaching, leadership training and professional speaking company. She published her first book The 7D's to your Destiny in 2020 and her second book The Dirty F-Word: Lessons from our Failures in 2023. She's led teams to five national PBS awards and 10 regional Emmys. Amy is originally from Ohio and holds a bachelor's of science degree in broadcast journalism from Bowling Green State University.