Are You Ready to Lead a Capital Campaign? (Whitney Anderson)

May 2023

Is your nonprofit organization really ready to launch a capital campaign? What is a realistic and attainable goal? How do you know when you're prepared for success? In episode #212 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Whitney Anderson shares her expertise in conducting campaign visioning and feasibility studies, developing donor strategies and managing the entire capital campaign process. Learn how to build a strong case for support and have the alignment between staff, board and key stakeholders. Whitney offers advice to avoid fatigue during the high demands of a large capital campaign. And, she ensures how nonprofit leaders can best prepare their staff and board for a successful campaign that is properly resourced.

"Be gentle with yourself during a campaign, it will be an emotional journey that tests your ability to deal with ambiguity and change."



Whitney Anderson is the Principal for Campaign Services at Fox Advancement, a leading fundraising firm that provides capital campaign consulting, grant research and writing, and fractional development officer support. She is passionate about helping nonprofits clarify their vision, tell their story, and link their mission with generous donors. She is a skilled strategist and project manager who helps nonprofits manage major fundraising campaigns from conception to completion. Her areas of expertise include working with volunteers on peer-to-peer fundraising strategies, interviewing philanthropists, and facilitating major gifts solicitation training. Whitney holds a Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communication from North Dakota State University.