Need a Good Summer Read? 5 Book Recommendations for Nonprofit Leaders

May 2023

One of the things we love about the Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership podcast is the excellent book recommendations we receive from every guest. Of course, many of them are authors themselves, so they bring fantastic built-in suggestions! Looking to build knowledge around key topics in the philanthropic sector? Check out some recent guest publications:

Leah Kral's Innovation for Social Change (Episode #204)

Leah's book explores the transformative power of innovation in creating positive societal impact. Through insightful analysis and compelling examples, Kral inspires nonprofit leaders to harness their creativity and embrace innovative approaches to address pressing social challenges, ultimately fostering a more equitable and sustainable world.



Denver Frederick's The Business of Giving (Episode #196)

Denver's book delves into the world of philanthropy and explores how nonprofit leaders and businesses can collaboratively contribute to social causes. With a blend of expert perspectives and real-life stories, he highlights the strategic and impactful ways in which businesses can integrate giving into their core operations, ultimately creating a positive social change while achieving business success.

Melisa Galasso's Money Matters for Nonprofits (Episode #202)

Melisa's book offers a comprehensive guide to financial management for nonprofit organizations. With clarity and expertise, she explores essential financial concepts, providing practical strategies and tools for effective budgeting, fundraising, and financial decision-making. This empowering resource equips nonprofit leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve financial sustainability and maximize their social impact.

Andrew Olsen, CFRE's 101 Biggest Mistakes Nonprofits Make (Episode #198)

Andrew's book serves as a valuable resource for nonprofit leaders by highlighting common pitfalls and providing actionable advice for avoiding them. With a wealth of practical insights and real-world examples, he offers guidance on governance, fundraising, communications, and more. This book equips nonprofit professionals with the knowledge to navigate challenges and enhance their organization's effectiveness, ultimately leading to greater success in fulfilling their mission.


Nathan Chappell, MBA, MNA, CFRE and Brian Crimmins's Generosity Crisis (Episode #211)

Nathan and Brian's book sheds light on the declining trend of generosity in society and its implications for individuals and communities. Through thought-provoking analysis and case studies, they explore the causes and consequences of this crisis, while also providing actionable strategies to reinvigorate and cultivate a culture of generosity. This book serves as a wake-up call, inspiring readers to rediscover the power of giving and its transformative potential in creating a more compassionate and connected world.

Happy Reading!