5 Ways to Turn Around a Struggling Nonprofit (Lance Kawaguchi)

July 2023

Is your nonprofit organization not delivering on its mission? Is it struggling from poor governance, alienating key donors and staff and producing lackluster results? In episode #218 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we talk with Lance Kawaguchi, who committed to fighting cancer when the disease hit his family in 2016 and became the new CEO of the struggling nonprofit, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. Although he built a successful career in the world of finance, he proved to be the right leader to turn around the organization. Lance shares his 5 essential keys to turn a struggling nonprofit into a powerful organization that delivers on its mission.

"In my short time in the philanthropic sector, I've seen a lot of what nonprofits do right, and a lot of what they do wrong."



Lance Kawaguchi, CEO of The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, has over 25 years of global finance and banking experience. His outstanding leadership and innovative approach to diversity and inclusion have been recognized by many peak global bodies including the Treasury Management International, the BAME100 Board Talent Index and as one of UPstanding 100's leading ethnic minority executives. Lance was recently named CEO Magazine's 2022 Non-For-Profit Executive of the Year in his first year at the foundation. Connect with him on LinkedIn.