Does Your Nonprofit Brand Effectively Communicate Who You Are? (Mark Miller & Ted Vaughn)

August 2023

How can your nonprofit stand out amidst all of the great causes in your community? In episode #223 of Your Path to Nonprofit LeadershipMark Miller and Ted Vaughn, authors of the book Culture Built My Brand: The Secret to Winning More Customers Through Company Culture discuss the role of storytelling in attracting and retaining donors and why most attempts at storytelling fall short. They share effective tactics to help you clearly communicate who you are and explain how brand building begins with the organization's internal culture and leadership. 

"Develop a bias for action, and build it into your organization's culture."



Mark Miller & Ted Vaughn are the cofounders of Historic Agency, a brand strategy, innovation, and design partner that helps ambitious brand do more good. They are the authors of Culture Build My Brand: The Secret to Winning More Customers Through Company Culture. Mark leads product strategy, marketing transformation, and brand at Historic. He's rebranded nearly 100 organizations and also specializes in all things strategy, including brand, product, and marketing. Ted leads client transformation at Historic and specializes in executive leadership, brand development, and strategic clarity. He has served hundreds of for-profit and nonprofit brands. His passion is to serve senior leaders by helping them align everything they do to build their brand from the inside out.