Mastermind Program Celebrates Three Years 

September 2023


Nearly 40 alums from PMA's Mastermind Leadership program celebrated its third anniversary at Suffolk Punch in Charlotte on September 20th, 2023. "When we started the program in the Fall of 2020, I thought there might be an appetite for the time, space and structure this program could provide," noted PMA Founder Patton McDowell. "Thankfully, eight talented nonprofit professionals joined me in the first cohort, and thrived in a 'coach and be coached' environment."

The program continues to thrive, and is starting its 15th and 16th cohorts this Fall with an alumni community now over 100. These alums are driving the engagement, and this was on full display last week when nearly 40 came together for an after-work social. Thanks to every nonprofit leader who has helped build this program, and special thanks to the pioneers of Cohort One: Carrie Bhada PorterTiffany CapersHannah Smith DickersonKen FuquayTodd HartungAmanda Golmont SchneiderMichelle C. Spreitzer and Michael Ward.


What is PMA's Mastermind Program? 
A mastermind is a small group of highly motivated individuals who are committed to each other's growth and development. Nonprofit leaders, especially as they move up in their organizations, are often isolated. A mastermind group overcomes isolation and leverages the power of many minds to provide support and feedback, increase accountability, and make real progress toward personal and professional goals.

PMA's Mastermind Program brings together groups of six to eight nonprofit leaders to accelerate their Path to Nonprofit Leadership. Our four-month virtual program (seven two-hour sessions) combines one-on-one coaching and peer mentorship to meet the needs of every individual in each cohort.

For more information and to apply, go to our Mastermind landing page.