Strategic Planning Doesn’t Need to be Painful (Carol Hamilton)

September 2023

Is your nonprofit on a clear path, grounded with specific goals, to achieve its mission? Can you articulate organizational priorities that reflect a shared board and staff vision? In episode #228 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, strategic collaborator Carol Hamilton shares key components of an effective strategic plan, the timeline necessary to build one and why more organizations struggle without one. You'll learn who should be involved in the framework process and questions to consider as you envision your organization's next 3-5 years. Carol also describes impact mapping and how it can help nonprofit organizations become more effective at realizing their mission. 

"Building a strategic plan shouldn't be full of long, boring meetings resulting in a lengthy report on your shelf!"



Carol Hamilton, Principal, Grace Social Sector Consulting, LLC, and host of Mission: Impact podcast, facilitates whole-brain strategic planning, impact mapping, service audits and organizational assessments for nonprofits and associations. She combines left-brain strategy and analysis with right-brain wisdom about human complexities for a proven, whole-brain, whole-organization process through which every stakeholder thrives. She is also part of a consultant collective focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion that has a particular focus on racial equity, All In Consulting.