Navigating Frustrating Scenarios with Your Nonprofit Board (Michael Corley)

October 2023

How well do you get along with your board members? The complexity of the board/staff relationship can create challenges for any nonprofit leader. In episode #233 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, nonprofit board expert Michael Corley illustrates many of the frustrating scenarios executive directors encounter with their board of directors, and how they can better navigate them. Michael clarifies the core roles and responsibilities among all parties that will enable success for the entire organization.  


"Don't be afraid to engage your board members and build strong relationships with them."



Michael Corley founded The Corley Company in 2010 to focus on providing support to CEOs and other organizational leaders. This directly resulted from his experience being a President & COO of a mid-sized company and a nonprofit Board Chair. In those roles there were many times he wished he had a trusted resource to give advice, an experienced person to facilitate/lead critical projects when the team didn't have the bandwidth, and someone who was genuinely interested in professional growth.  As a leader, as "the" leader, he learned it can truly be "lonely at the top." He built The Corley Company on his strengths, competencies, and areas of interest in order to grow and support organizational leaders. Over the past 12 years, he has worked with hundreds of nonprofit funders and agencies to provide strategic support to CEOs and boards. He now works only with nonprofit organizations as a confirmation of his belief in mission-focused work.